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Small Business and Individual Marketing Concepts

Though my expertise focuses mainly on individual career planning and corporate recruiting, I recently spoke at a Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce Luncheon and the American Business Woman’s Association (ABWA) Dinner. Both topics revolved around small business marketing and motivational suggestions. Like candidates competing for limited jobs, businesses are also competing for shrinking consumer dollars and opportunities, therefore many of the theories are very similar.

Due to the struggling economy, I have spoken with many small business owners who have considered the possibility of getting an external job as their businesses continue to erode. Inversely, people who have lost their jobs are considering starting their own businesses because of the lack of jobs. Ironic isn’t it? From an employment perspective, the reality is that many hiring authorities may shy away from hiring us, the business owner, because they may feel if we get a call for a new project, we are going to leave them and resume our operations. Those who are forced to consider starting a business because of a lack of jobs will also have challenges. Their challenge will stem from launching a business from scratch (and its associated start-up costs) and compete directly with established and credible businesses.

My suggestion to the small business owners and individual job seeker is always the same. Don’t give up! Stay positive, relentless and make sure every step of your individual marketing campaign is flawless. If your process is sloppy and incomplete, then someone else with a more determined and refined mission will prosper. We want to be the one’s who thrive when things turn around, and they eventually will!

Question– What do potential clients, consumers and hiring companies look for in potential business partners and employees?
Answer-They are going to do business with credible, honest and hardworking people who have a great product, service or relevant job credentials.

Our job is to make sure the perception of us and our services are all of those things. The more credible you are, the more likely people will inquire about you, your business or service. Once they inquire it’s up to us to close the deal!

Suggestions to stay motivated and elevate your business:
Ø If working alone, consider hiring someone to be accountable to.
Ø Volunteer and meet others at Chamber/City functions.
Ø Post company/individual profile on several social/business networking sites, though be very careful of what you project!
Ø On your website, advertisements or resume, broadcast your most credible accomplishments, accolades or testimonials.
Ø Become a member of credible and industry specific associations.
Ø Increase your online presence by writing relevant blogs.
Ø Write letters to local publications and suggest interesting/relevant content to publish for their readers.
Ø Add additional services for increased revenue opportunities.
Ø Treat existing clients like “gold”!

If every step of your job search or the quest for new business is flawless, it will certainly increase the probabilities of success.

Good Luck and I’ll see you at the finish line as the economy is starting to show signs of improvement!

Ron Daratany, President/Founder of DMR Global, Inc. is a National Career Expert: Corporate Recruiting & Individual Career Development Consultant throughout his entire 21 year career.

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