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Human Resources Solutions

DMR Global, Inc. provides Human Resources Solutions for those organizations that may be lacking a dedicated HR team or we can enhance existing HR processes by implementing additional capabilities within established HR departments. View the services we offer, below:

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Employee/Labor Relations

Not sure what to do next to effectively investigate, take necessary action and address employee complaints?

Your collective agreement will soon expire and want to avoid the costs of using attorneys during the negotiation process?

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Organizational Development

Need practical, cost-effective solutions in performance management (evaluations), discipline, professional development to include individual and succession planning?

Looking for the “turn-key” solution on training in such areas as harassment, manager development, interviewing techniques, and other critical management skills?

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With ever changing needs to control costs in benefits, an HR professional to review your current program or find other providers in a new program?

Competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining in an “employer of choice” environment may be contingent upon less known benefits…does your organization know those options that can set you apart?

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Having difficulty in determining salary ranges?

Want to compliment with discretionary bonus and 401(k)?

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Ready to make the move to automating your processes and tracking capabilities as it relates to your workforce?

If you been considering implementing new or additional HR processes into your organization, but were unsure why they are necessary or how to implement them, please feel free to contact us to explain the benefits.

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