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DMR Search Process Methodology

  • In-person client meeting (s) to assess technical & intangible positional requirements, corporate goals & culture, visualize facility and geographic region.
  • Our internal researchers will gather names of potential candidates by:

Assessing competing company’s talent, utilize our database & industry contacts, social/business media and industry-specific associations.

  • Assign an executive recruiter (s) committed solely to project until completion.
  • Present key individuals—only after they have been thoroughly evaluated & measured. Included will be detailed resumes & technical addendums.
  • Conduct pre-employment background and personality profile checks, per request.
  • Two written reference checks to verify conclusions.
  • Assist in constructing, extending and negotiating employment offer.
  • Track progress of new hires, offering assistance through transition.
  • Guarantee candidate replacement.

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Positional levels:                                              Industries:

Executive Management                                                                  Technology
Finance & Auditing                                                                         Non-Profit
Sales & Marketing                                                                         Construction
Operational Management                                                               Aviation/Aerospace
Engineering                                                                                  Retail
Information Technology                                                                 Financial Services
Architecture                                                                                  Manufacturing
Construction Management                                                              Travel
Medical                                                                                        Transportation

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