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Ron Daratany: Interview

Ron Daratany is a national career development and recruiting expert. For the duration of his professional career (since 1988), he has been forging long-term business relationships with leaders of well-respectednational organizations. During this time, he has also built a company from the ground up. He is featured on TV, print and other mediums for his […]

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A note from John Westrom

John Westrom Joins DMR Global, Inc. as VP of Human Resources Solutions and Business Development I’m happy to share my career news with you. I have recently joined DMR Global, Inc., as Vice President of Human Resources Solutions and Business Development. Please read below to learn about my position and DMR Global, Inc.: As many of you may know, […]

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Maximizing Your Online Exposure

Maximize your online exposure by posting your company/individual profile on social/business networking sites, but be mindful of what you project. Regularly type your name/company in a search engine to see what the results reveal. How you are perceived online may have a profound impact on whether or not you receive that elusive job offer or […]

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