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Utilizing Social Networking & Media Sites to aid in Job Searching. Recently, on WSFL TV, The Morning Show, we discussed some creative ways to utilize social/business & media networking sites in order to gain exposure while job hunting. In addition, small businesses can also utilize these same concepts while marketing their products or services.

Historically, when a person found themselves looking for a new position, one of the first steps they implemented was posting a resume on Monster or CareerBuilder. This indicated that you were actively looking for a job, unless you posted confidentially. It is still a component which must be implemented; however, there are additional techniques.

Now, as social media has exploded, many more people and businesses are setting up profiles and fan pages in order to brand and market themselves or business. In addition to providing far reaching exposure, it’s free!
Fact: Many recruiters and hiring authorities are increasingly utilizing social media as a primary means to locate key people for their open positions.

Ron Daratany’s Do’s and Don’ts of utilizing social networking and media:

• If you haven’t already, set up profiles on Facebook, My Space, Twitter and LinkedIn and start building your friends & contact list. It is now very acceptable for professionals, even if they are not actively searching for a new position, to set up profiles on these sites.
• Post your employment status and updates daily to allow your friends to know your current job status. If they can’t help, perhaps someone they know can.
• Blog about your job search with a brief excerpt of your skills.
• Consider creating a video resume on You Tube.
• If there is a specific company you want to work for, use LinkedIn to locate employees who work there and request to become their contact. By developing a professional rapport, you may be able to utilize them for an internal introductory meeting.
• Join & contribute to networks, groups and fan pages relevant to your expertise and passion.

• Since you are now using your social media sites to assist with your job search, try to keep your participation fairly professional moving forward. If you don’t, you’ll send very mixed messages to those who are reading your request for assistance.
• Don’t post disparaging messages on your social networking accounts about your former employer or co-workers or project negativity in any way.
• Don’t participate in negative blogging on anything from your past. The blogs can stay on the internet for a long time and are very difficult to remove.

These social media techniques, in conjunction with traditional networking, will increase your exposure and the probabilities of securing your next position.

Ron Daratany is the President/Founder of DMR Global Recruiting and
DMR Career Planning and has been a national recruiting & career development expert throughout his entire 22 year career.

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